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Listening Distance (performance)

Listening Distance Performance
Installation shot of set up of 6 chairs in semi-circle with headphones around a monitor.

A performance installation by artist Britt Hatzius in collaboration with Thomas Tajo.

Language: English.

Listening Distance (usually a technical term used to describe the ideal listening position between two audio speakers) offers an encounter with Thomas Tajo, who has learnt to echo locate, a technique of sensing things at a distance. In this immersive audio-visual performance, the audience dives into the world of acoustics, where hearing becomes another way of seeing and the echo turns into an existential communication with our environment.

Direction / concept – Britt Hatzius
Collaborator: Thomas Tajo
Artistic Advice: Ant Hampton
Sound post production: Paria Kadir
Thanks to: Jan-Philipp Possmann, Charlotte Arens, Mike Schmid
Production: Zeitraumexit
Funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste

5.+6.June 2019 (Premiere) as part of the program ‘Gewächse der Seele‘ and ‘Frisch Eingetroffen: Alliances & Abilities’ at Zeitraumexit Mannheim, Germany.

4.+5.12.2019 as part of ‘We Love You’, a multidisciplinary programme on love beyond the romantic and the self – sep oct nov dec 2019 at Beurschouwburg, Brussels, Belgium.

12.-17.04.2021 as part of ‘6 Tage Frei‘ Festival for performing arts Stuttgart, Germany.

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