Ongoing Research

Civilisations and Civilising Emotions: the emotional foundations of human civilisations

This ongoing research seeks to review literatures on political theories, evolutionary psychology, and religious traditions of Buddhism and Chritianity looking at the history of the emotional foundations guiding human conduct, actions and interactions with the social and physical worlds. It is based on the speculation that earliest human civilizations were unconsciously founded on the instinctual emotion of fear, an emotion which was essential for survival in nature, but was later replaced by love. Love, initially introduced through religious traditions, was to become the foundation of human civilisation also of a secular civilisational dream of modernity, promoting human co-operation, with the help of science and technology, leading to a rise in treaties of peaceful international agreements. Today however this conscious effort to found human civilisation on the emotional footing of love is under threat. It is challenged through Neoliberal capitalism with profit-motive as its ultimate goal: to make profit at any cost and base human actions and relations on competition. A movement founded on the instinctual emotion of fear, the base of the resurgence of populist nationalism and right-wing political ideologies around the world.