VISION INCLUSIVE is an international non-profit organisation that seeks to bring people with and without so-called disabilities together, in equal partnership, to build and promote a culture of openness.

Our mission is to explore and draw attention to the hidden or repressed potential capacities of individuals through our educational, artistic, research and advocacy practice.

Our projects and initiates focus most often on blindness, but expand to combat any cultural stereotypes, prejudices, and harmful practices against people with a so-called disability more generally. In our practice we seek liaisons with other organisations, research institutions, companies and individuals to both further scientific research, educational training and develop creative ways to engage the public.

Our vision is inclusive in that it considers people with and without disabilities as equal members of society. In spirit of the article 9 UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and the democratic values of free speech and people’s right to self-determination, we want to help change current (mis-) understandings and call for the identification and elimination of barriers that obstruct people with a disability from fully participating in all aspects of life.

The organisation was founded in 2020 by blind activist, researcher and echo location trainer Thomas Tajo, activist and mobility trainer Marjolein Van Laere, and artist Britt Hatzius.

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