Visions of Inclusion

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Inclusive Visions (podcast series)

With Visions of Inclusion [a podcast project], we want to collectively explore the many visions of inclusion that exist. 

In a series of podcasts, questions will be asked, speculations articulated and experiences shared. In a safe and respectful environment, we want to reach out to others, asking to share their thoughts and experiences of living on the margins. In personal accounts, conversations or discussion, the podcasts will range in tone and topic, quietly dispelling prejudices, or provocatively challenging stereotypes, discriminations, engendered segregation or social isolation.

For one of the episodes we want to hear from you:

What is your Visions of Inclusion?
What have you done to realise your Vision of Inclusion?
What are you doing to achieve your Vision of Inclusion?
What would you like to do to realise your Vision of Inclusion?
What is it that you need to achieve your Vision of Inclusion?

Contact us if you would like to be featured, contribute, have an idea for a podcast or simply want to lend your support in any shape or form.