Inclusive Mobility

Dance Classes (Online)

Krishna Christine Washburn

  1. For blind and visually impaired people who want to study dance: I offer both introductory and open level group classes designed for the specific educational needs of blind and visually impaired movement students with different degrees of experience, as well as private classes offered at all levels.
  2. For dance teachers who need training in developing educational
    programming for blind and visually impaired students, specifically as it relates to audio description and oral tradition dance teaching, I offer teacher training and professional development, either for groups or individually.
  3. For audio describers who need professional development as it relates to developing an artistic audio description practice for describing dance and live arts to blind and visually impaired audiences, I offer training in this field as well, either for groups or individually.
  4. For choreographers and dancers interested in developing works for blind and visually impaired performers or blind and visually impaired audiences, I offer mentoring services on a case by case basis.

For more information about studying dance with me and information about my artistic and educational philosophies:

Krishna Christine Washburn is a professional dancer who has performed with many leading dance companies including Jill Sigman’s thinkdanceInfinity Dance TheaterHeidi Latsky DanceMarked Dance Project, and LEIMAY.  Krishna is also the Artistic Director of The Dark Room, a multi-disciplinary project with fellow visually impaired dancer, Kayla Hamilton.